Staying Organized: How to Make the Application Process Less Stressful

By Natalie Wright

Keep a Spreadsheet

When applying for internships, you will find yourself completing a handful of applications, communicating to a lot of new people, and setting/meeting a crazy amount of deadlines. This can all be hard to remember, if you don’t keep a record of it all. I recommend that you keep an Excel document or Google Sheet that can hold this information. You should keep track of the company name, application link, deadline for application, contact person, and additional  information such as notes from follow-up conversations. Here is an example:

natalie bp pic

By keeping a spreadsheet like this, you will be better organized and less stressful during the application process because all information will be in one designated location.

Keep a Running List of Skillsets

During the application process it is also important to keep a running list of your personal, unique skillsets. This will be helpful during interviews because future employers are interested in learning more about you, and they want to know what makes you different from other applicants. With a running list, you can always add to it, and it will make you more confident when stepping into an interview.


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