Balancing Mental Health While Interning

By Gabrielle Beamon

For some students, internships can be overwhelming, but there are ways to manage any internship stress.

Also, remember, your supervisor may have been an intern and is there for you every step of the way. The days can be long and filled with numerous responsibilities, and you’re going to get drained. Here are a few things I like to remember when my internship starts to get overwhelming:

  1. Don’t take work home.

You’re an intern, and most likely not being paid. No one is expecting you to bring work home, so don’t do it! Your time after work is exactly that, YOUR time. Watch a movie. Read a book. Go to the gym. You have the entire rest of your career to bring work home, so take these precious moments to do something for yourself.

  1. Ask for help.

You’re new, and you’re learning. Take in everything that this industry has to offer. If you don’t understand something or you’re feeling overwhelmed, ASK YOUR SUPERVISOR for help! They are in your corner and want you to succeed. It’s okay to ask for assistance.  Also, don’t be afraid to take notes. This ensures you stay on task and complete projects correctly.

  1. Talk to the other interns.

Chances are you aren’t alone in your experience. One of the best ways to boost morale is by talking to other people. If you are struggling, chances are another intern is, too. You’ll make a new friend and probably a really strong professional connection.

As someone who has interned in both New York and Los Angeles, it became overwhelming very quickly. Reaching out to others, asking for help and making time to explore allowed me to have the best experience as an intern.


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