Be Proactive in the Internship Process!

By Miles Garrett

The Communications School strives to help its students excel and find internships and jobs. Communications student organizations allow any person to come in and gain valuable experience in their respective field of study. However, it’s important to know the value in being proactive in determining your opportunities outside of what is offered to you at Elon University.

As a freshman, I started my own sports blog to offer my opinions on sports-related content while also practicing my writing at the same time. During this period, I learned to share my content on social media and to advertise my work, and I received some notoriety as a result. This experience provided an advantage over my peers when I applied to The Pendulum my freshman year; and after only two short months, I was offered the role of sports editor. I believe  getting that role would have been impossible if I had not been proactive with my work.

You should also take responsibility for your own learning.  Classes are important to my career, but I teach myself and learn on my feet, too. I rented cameras and decided to practice filming on my own and eventually learned some good techniques. Otherwise, I could have hindered  learning a very important aspect of my major.

Finally, the Communications School will do its best to help you get an internship, but at the end of the day it’s up to you. I applied to nearly 30 different internships and received numerous rejection letters. I had to be proactive in going off campus and meeting people in-person, and even showing up to a TV station to talk about their internship program. This ended up being what got me the internship —being persistent and taking matters into my own hands.


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