Dressing for Success: A guide to Dressing for Interviews

by Kaelyn Green

A job interview is your big moment to impress employers and like any important event in your life, you want to look your absolute best on the big day. So,there are some important dos’ and don’ts to looking professional, yet memorable.

Research, Research, Research! Dress codes vary among different industries and organizations and it is important to dress for your specific interview. See if the company is more laid back or more formal in dress. When researching websites and social media, also give a call to human resources and ask what they recommend as far as dress code attire. You want to appear professional and show that you fit in with the company.

Do NOT wear the rainbow. You’ll want to pay attention to the colors that you choose to wear. It’s better to stick with subtle colors; for instance, navy, brown, and black are always acceptable. It’s probably better to avoid that bright pink and green shirt or any loud patterns, textures, or colors. However, depending on the company, it may be okay to add little pops of color or other small statements pieces to show your personality. Accessories and shoes can make a big difference in an otherwise plain outfit.

Most importantly, bring your confidence! Whatever you choose to wear, wear it confidently with pride. Choose something that makes you feel good and is comfortable. The most successful of CEO’s will tell you that they have a favorite power outfit. Don’t forget that a look that makes you feel confident will make you look confident as well.

For more tips on what to wear to an interview check out some of these links:







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