Juggling Multiple Internship Offers?

By Adam (AJ) Roshfeld

Congratulations! You have been offered an internship, by multiple companies… so now what? You’ve spent countless hours scouring the Communications Hotlist, networking, and searching for the perfect internship, but you never thought you would have to TURN DOWN an offer.

It is very important to keep your connections strong and untarnished, so if you do find yourself needing to pull your application from a company, or decline an offer, it is key that you do it in an amicable way. You never know if you are going to cross paths with the organization again, or the people in them.

Always be appreciative, and stress that you are honored that the company selected you. Thank them for taking the time to consider you. Believe it or not, the hiring process is just as tricky on their end as it is for those applying. Be honest. Companies, and the people working for them all understand that the professional world is a competitive one.

Never accept multiple offers. Rescinding on an offer is very poor professional etiquette, and reflects poorly on Elon and your fellow peers. If you need time, ask for an extension. Most companies understand that students apply to many places. Again, be honest and work with them, but be wary that they also need to fill the position, so be considerate of their timeline.

You are in for a world of learning and growing. There is no better way to hone your skills than by being on the front lines doing real world projects. Ask questions, try new things, and always keep an open mind.

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