How To Keep In Touch With an Employer After An Internship 

By Simone Jackson

So you’ve successfully finished your internship and your employer tells you to “Keep in touch.” What does “keeping in touch” really mean? How often should you reach out to this employer? What should you contact them about? Here are 5 tips on how to keep in touch with employers, especially as you come close to the organization’s hiring months:

Tip 1: Write a handwritten Thank You note to your employer at the conclusion of the internship.

Email is quick and easy, but nothing comes close to the thoughtfulness of a handwritten note. Thank your employer for offering you the opportunity to intern at their organization and recite something you enjoyed or learned during your time there.

Tip 2: Follow the company and industry leaders on social media to keep in touch with the industry.

It’s not only important to try to keep in touch with your internship employer, but also to stay abreast of the industry. Remain relevant with new technologies and developing trends in order to converse intelligently with an employer and other industry professionals.

Tip 3: Email the employer relevant articles about the industry or client-related materials.

Sending an article that is relevant to the employer’s work shows that you are thinking of the business in a tactful way (and that you’re thinking of them, too!) For example, let’s say you interned for an advertising agency’s new business department. Sending an email to this employer about a recent new business the agency has won shows that you are keeping up with the work they’ve done and congratulating them on the company’s success.

Tip 4: Visit the office, if possible.

Simply, nothing beats face time. People often don’t remember names, but they will remember faces!

Tip 5: Do not bombard the employer with messages.

Touch base with them every few months and more often, if you are communicating with them about a future opportunity with their organization.

Keeping in touch is all about strategically showing an employer that you are up-to-date with what is happening in the industry and are interested in pursuing future opportunities with their organization.


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