What to do AFTER the Interview

By: Meredith Stutz
Phew. You did it. The interview is done. Congratulations!
But now what?
Before you start pacing anxiously awaiting that phone call or email update from your potential internship employer, here are some tips for what to do in the meantime.
1. The Thank You Note
Yes, this is still a huge deal. It’s time to pull out that stationary and put it to good use. I am a fan of the written thank you note because it means that you took the time to personally thank your interviewer(s). In a digital age, a written thank you note stands out and shows you care about investing in the company and its people. Now, if email is the only option you have, that’s fine, too. Just make sure you have a thank you note in the mail or their inbox within 48 hours of the interview.
Speaking of the thank you note, what should go in it?
Great question.
Write, to the person who conducted the interview, how much you appreciated the opportunity for an interview. Include specifics like if they provided a tour, introduced you to specific people, or gave you an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, etc. The goal here is to make your note is as personal as possible. Include at least one line about why you should be strongly considered based on their stated priorities during the interview. At the end, include your contact information so they can contact you for any follow up.
2. Networking
Look for opportunities to connect with company employees such as alumni, family friends or by attending public company events.  Also, professional organization (PRSA, SPJ, RTDNA, etc.) events are a good way to learn about opportunities and to meet industry professionals.  Then, you can connect with them on LinkedIn and/or ask for informational interviews, which provide more insight on company culture, business practices and how to best apply.
3.  Keep Looking
Most of us have that dream internship, but it’s important to not put all of your eggs into one internship basket. Check in with the School of Communications Internship Office to continue to seek out internship opportunities in other cities and companies.
4. Keep Focused and Breathe
We’ve all been there. It seems like everyone around you is getting an internship and you are still figuring things out, applying and interviewing. Before you continue reading…take a a deep breath. Whatever the outcome, it will be fine. You are still a valuable person and candidate no matter what happens to the people around you. Just stay focused on the outcome and don’t be afraid to reach out for help and get more internship ideas for this summer and beyond.
The waiting game after the interview(s) can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be your demise.
To recap: Hand write a detailed intentional thank you note, network in appropriate ways, keep expanding your options, and stay focused. No matter the outcome, it will all work out. You are not alone in this process, especially in the Elon Communications Community!
Best of luck!
For more information on what to do after an interview check out these sites:

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