Music Internships

By: Mack White

It seems people only think of jobs related to the music industry as producers, engineers, and artists. It was shocking to learn that record labels have entire teams of publicists and project managers to promote albums and tours of their artists. If you’re focused on strategic communications, a music business internship is definitely for you. Thanks to the public’s constant desire for live music, the industry requires press releases, interview requests, album write-ups, and so much more. Without a dedicated team of strategic communicators, labels cannot be successful.

If you’re from a media analytics background, it’s no surprise to you that social media is the future. So, you will collect the number of followers, likes, tweets, and other assorted information for each of the artists on the label. The development of social media has allowed for a whole new form of communication between the artist and the listener, and there is still plenty of room to be explored.

People focused on media analytics should also consider a music business internship since music is a recession-free business, as people will always be looking for ways to purchase the latest earworm album they heard on the radio. There are also phenomena like the recent revival in vinyl record sales. No one in the music industry could have predicted the vinyl comeback, so media analytics are essential in choosing the best strategy when an unforeseen phenomena and niche sales area comes into play.

Whether you have a background in media arts, entertainment, new media, or cinema, you have to realize how essential video is as the backbone of record labels, promoters, and so many more music-related fields. Labels are signing artists all the time, and absolutely need help in promoting them to fans of the label who have never heard of the artist. Frequently, this is done through a video introducing the artist, showing them live, and having them talk about the new album. There are so many parts that come into play in the production of a video project, and an internship in the music industry absolutely gives you that first-hand experience in deadline-oriented video production.

The best part about having a music business-related internship is that you get to talk about music with people who are just as knowledgeable of your favorite artists as you are; therefore, it’s so easy to meet and talk to people. Music business employees have to follow music periodicals for their living, so they’re always up-to-date on the latest happenings. You’ll feel welcome due to the ease of conversation since everyone has a favorite artist, song, or genre. And, if you’re someone who says they don’t like music, a music business internship is still applicable to you. As evident by the music industry lately, music isn’t stopping anytime soon, regardless of whatever curveballs get thrown at it.

You may not realize how badly you want a music business internship until you fall in love with the people, atmosphere, and responsibilities. All forms of communication come together in the music business, so look up local record labels, promoters, radio stations, or any place that is all about getting music in the hands (and ears) of the people who appreciate it most; and let your music business odyssey begin.


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