How to Deal With Multiple Internship Offers

By: Melissa Hanke

Congratulations! You have been offered an internship and you are thrilled. However, you have not yet heard from your dream company and you begin to panic…

Don’t worry! This is a common problem that many students face when applying to numerous internships. Below are some helpful tips on how to approach this sticky situation:

  1. Don’t accept the internship right away.

 If you are still waiting to hear from your top choice for an internship, do not accept the internship from your second or third choice right away. The worst thing you can do is to impulsively accept an internship and then have to go back and tell them no. You don’t want to burn any bridges in the professional world!

  1. Inquire about your timeframe.

Of course state how happy you are about their offer, but make sure you figure out how much time you have to either accept or decline. Don’t feel like you need to accept the offer right on the spot. Instead, be gracious and thank them, but tell them you would like to get back with them. They’ll usually let you know about a timeframe, but if they don’t, you should respond within at least 2 weeks.

  1. Follow-up with your dream company!

It is encouraged that you contact your #1 choice for an internship about when they will reach their decision for selecting their interns. When following up, you may say that you’re still very interested, but you have received a competitive offer and would like to know how soon they will be reaching a decision.

  1. Make a decision and stick with it.

Making a decision about where you would like to intern is sometimes difficult, but it is also very exciting! Below are some related articles about how to deal with multiple internship offers (what a happy problem to have). Good luck Elon interns!

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