Social Media Do’s and Don’ts Blog Post

By Gary Grumbach

If you’re anything like me, you have a million different social media accounts, and a million passwords to control them all. They’re about as easy to remember as whether or not I returned all of my ETV equipment. As someone who has access to as many Twitter accounts as there are days in a week, here are some social media do’s and don’ts as you prepare to apply for internships or jobs.

-Sign up for a LinkedIn account, and then actually set it up. LinkedIn gives you step by step directions to make your account as successful as possible.

-Create a professional Twitter. Think before you tweet! 140 characters can be the difference between your resume on the desk, and your resume in the trash.

-Google yourself. Make sure there isn’t anything embarrassing. For example, the Vines that you created and posted when that was still a thing…or the time a friend tweeted about you for doing something you didn’t remember the next day.


-A good simple and basic rule of thumb: If Grandma shouldn’t see it…it shouldn’t be online. This includes the group shot from that one night during Fall Break at Señor Frogs, or that time you dressed as zoo animals with five of your closest friends.

-If you’re smart enough to get the position, don’t be stupid. For you sports guys, It’s like running into the wrong end zone. If you present yourself as a professional and put-together applicant during the interview, maintain that same level of professionalism throughout your internship or job.

-While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, plagiarism is not. If you see a funny tweet/post/blog/article, use it to create your own funny tweets/posts/blogs/articles. RTs are acceptable and encouraged. Copy and pasting is not.

So in conclusion, when it comes to social media, just don’t be stupid! If you want a professional internship or job, act professional. Show employers you have nothing to hide- in person, or online.


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