The Perks of Interning at a Small Company

By Katie Ginsberg

When choosing an internship, some people say, “Go big or go home.” They think that it is best to work at a large, corporate company, or none at all. Instead, I believe that the best things come in small packages, and in my case, small companies. Interning at a smaller-sized company taught me valuable lessons, gave me hands-on experience and established genuine relationships with coworkers.

Perk #1: Smaller companies value their close-knit environment. Although you may be designated to a specific department, at the end of the day, you work as one team. Learning how to be an effective and enthusiastic team player is a valuable skill in any industry.

Perk #2: Having this ability to work together gives you the freedom to learn about multiple areas of the company. So, through this one internship you can learn which areas you enjoy or dislike the most. As a result, you will know which positions to look for in your future job searches.

Perk #3: This freedom gives you the opportunity to work on several projects, giving you a variety of content for your e-portfolio. It is important to create a strong representation of yourself through your work. Make sure to ask your mentors for advice and feedback!

Perk #4: Due to the intimate work atmosphere, it is very likely that you will directly interact with the company’s head honchos—the owners, the managers and the investors. This opportunity is very valuable because it can lead to connections that could influence your future career path. Remember to maintain these relationships, both during and after your internship is completed!

Although you may think bigger is better, interning at a smaller company can truly be a unique and valuable experience. It opens doors to multiple areas that could not be seen at larger companies. This opportunity will not only give you knowledge about the industry, but also about your personal strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Through this internship, you can gain the confidence and connections that are vital to your success!


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