How to Follow-up on an Internship Application

You’ve sent in your resume, cover letter, references and application, and it’s been a few weeks without a single response. How do you follow-up on your application with a company without seeming desperate, aggressive or annoying? After submitting your application, keep in mind that companies are receiving scores of applications for a limited number of internships. It takes time for them to sift through these applications and some companies take a few weeks or more to actually get started. Here are a few tips to show your interest and to avoid being a pest:
In the early stage of the application process, send a quick email to underscore your interest. U.S. News recommends that you send something along the lines of: “I submitted my application for your __ internship last week (or whenever), and I just wanted to make sure that my materials were received. I also want to reiterate my interest in this opportunity; I believe that I will be a great match, and I’d love to talk with you about it when you’re ready to begin scheduling interviews.” This avoids the aggressive and annoying sense of immediacy that a phone call implies and allows the employer to read your follow-up at their leisure without interrupting their busy day.
Some professionals say phone calls are only an acceptable way to follow-up once you have actually conducted an interview. An interview means that you have passed the initial screening and have had personal contact with the employer, in turn making a more personal form of follow-up acceptable and expected. For more tips on how to follow-up, consult these websites:


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