Professional Attire in the Workplace: Female Edition


Dress code in the workplace can vary greatly on the location of your office. While many offices in busy cities such as NYC will require you to wear a full suit, you may find that offices in other locations such as Los Angeles have a more relaxed dress code.  No matter where you are located, if you follow these basic tips and tricks, you will be sure to make a good impression.


 1. Modesty is the best policy

Above all else, make sure that you are dressed modestly in the office. In other words, please avoid revealing attire such as short skirts or low cut blouses. If you are not comfortable with your outfit, leave it behind and wear something else. It is important to be respectful of yourself in order to make the best impression.


2. Keep it Simple

Although sequins may be in style this season, they are probably not appropriate for your work environment. Stay away from shocking colors, dizzying patterns and clothing that is too eye-catching. This way you are being noticed for your good work, and not for your attire.


3. Match the Office Environment

Pay attention to what your supervisor and co-workers are wearing to work everyday. If they have been in the office for a while, chances are they have an idea of how to dress in this environment. If they are too casual, dress one step up because they have their jobs and you’re trying to be impressive to get one.  


4. Ask!

Don’t be afraid to ask what the dress code is within the office prior to your arrival. It is important that you blend in when it comes to attire so that your skills and abilities can stand out. Your best bet may be to contact someone who works in Human Resources within your office. They will more than likely be happy to give advice.


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