Professional Dressing for Men

By Caleb Lueck

When interviewing for a potential internship, you have to look successful to catch the eye of your prospective employer and win their respect. That being said, here are some tips to make you look like you embody all of the impressive accomplishments in your resume’.

For men:

Keep your suits simple, but sharp; and above all, neatly tailored. A business suit in a solid color such as dark grey or navy sets a professional tone. For shirts, a stiff-collar, long-sleeve button-down is the norm. Don’t be afraid to color-coordinate your shirt with your suit. Ties should complement both, and most importantly, color coordinate! This is where you are allowed to exhibit personality to your prospective employer.

Shoes should be simple. Coordinate shoes with your suit and belt. Black suit and belt: black shoes. Navy suit and brown belt: brown shoes. Always wear lace-up shoes, never loafers. Jewelry should not be worn unless for religious reasons or timekeeping. Never wear chains, bracelets etc. The only ring that you should ever wear is a wedding ring. If you wear a watch, make sure that it looks professional (digital watches do not qualify). As an added note, if you do wear a watch, do not under any circumstances look at it or touch it; it’s better to just not wear one at all. Hair should be neatly cut in a professional style. Don’t wear cologne or aftershave, as many people are allergic to fragrances.
Finally, get a manicure. Manicures can actually be a masculine thing, as they keep you looking sharp and in control of yourself.  Now, the total package is impressive so good luck with those interviews.

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