Make the Most of Spring Break—Get that Internship!

Spring break is a great time for you to research, apply and interview for summer internships!

Use this break to look over our previous Hotlists (on the Internship web page) and research the internships you find interesting. Without other schoolwork, spring break is the best opportunity to put the finishing touches on your resume’ and to write the perfect cover letter! Don’t have a LinkedIn account? Get one. Create and personalize your LinkedIn over spring break!

Spring break is also a good time to conduct informational interviews and to shadow professionals to learn more about career options. This also helps to get your foot in the door for future internships.

Already applied to internships and waiting to hear back? Then, FOLLOW UP unless the internship website stressed ‘no phone calls’! That means no contact. Otherwise, let the company know you’re home for spring break and available for an interview. Take advantage of this time off – you will be glad you did!

Check out these articles for more information about using spring break to your advantage:


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