The Application Process

So, you’ve come to the internship office, made a list of potential internships and researched the companies.  Now what?  It is time to start your application process!

When applying to internships, especially at larger companies with a competitive application process, it is essential that you painstakingly follow the internship application instructions.  Here are some steps to help you submit a flawless application:

  1. Pay attention to the deadline. Some internship deadlines begin as early as October for some summer internships, while other companies don’t even think about their summer interns until March or April.  So, get organized, gather the required materials, and give yourself time to have others look over them.  Don’t let deadlines sneak up on you!
  2. Provide all of the materials the company needs from you. Some companies only request a cover letter and resume’ while others may request writing samples, transcripts, letters of recommendation, portfolio work and personal statements.  Beware of providing incomplete applications; employers say you will not be considered for the position.
  3. Proofread. We cannot stress this enough!  It is extremely important to read and re-read your application materials. Employers repeatedly stress that sloppy application materials formatted incorrectly and with grammatical errors are not considered for the positions.  The Internship Office is here to assist you by reviewing your application materials, and Ross Wade can review your resume’ and cover letters.
  4. Follow directions. Type or write your application means just that.  Occasionally, companies will complete a handwriting analysis.
  5. Apply with confidence! After following the 4 above steps, you are sure to submit a stellar, complete and error-free internship application.  Remember- a flawless application is the first step to your success in obtaining the internship you want!

Visit these links with more information on the importance of applying for your internship correctly:


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