Following up

So you’ve applied to hundreds of internships and you haven’t heard back from a single one…what are you supposed to do?   “maybe my resume wasn’t specific enough?”  “did i send it to the wrong person?”  “i probably just didn’t have enough experience for them.”

Well….have you tried following up?

Keep in mind, these employers are getting massive amounts of resumes’ daily, but are also having to do their everyday jobs.  A lot of times, employers will be looking over a resume’, get a phone call, then be distracted for the rest of the day.  It doesn’t mean they don’t want you.

Most students think they should follow up a few weeks after they send their resume’ and cover letter.  However, it is actually best to follow up within a few days.  That way you’re still fresh in their minds, and in their inboxes.

And all it takes is a simple little e-mail:

Hi Mr. IReallyNeedAnInternshipFromYou,

My name is DesperateForAnInternship.  I sent you my resume this past Tuesday (exact day allows them to go back into their inbox).  I just wanted to quickly follow up with you to find out about the next step and to inquire about an interview.  (a little more info about yourself)  As you will see in my cover letter and resume’, I have had a lot expeience on campus with our weekly news show.  I am really looking forward to an internship where I can apply my skills and talents and put my knowledge to the test on a statewide news program.

I look forward to hearing from you.

(336) 867-5309

Lastly, please check out these websites for more tips on how to follow up.


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