Don’t be too confident–keep applying!

It’s almost Spring Break; and you’ve sent your resume to 7 places and have heard back from 3.  You have two interviews over break, and you’re working on scheduling the third.  One of the three has to work out… And if not, one of the other 4 is sure to get back to you…right?

Hopefully, yes…
Realistically, not necessarily.

One huge mistake students make is they forget to continue researching and applying.  It should be an ongoing process until your internship is solidified.  Even after walking out of (what you think was) the best interview ever, you should continue with your search.  First of all, you want to make sure you have a back-up plan if things don’t work out.  But more importantly, you could find another internship better suited for YOU…a better environment, a better location, or better intern duties, etc.

The process of finding an internship can be long and stressful-we get that.  But the actual experience of interning is remarkable and rewarding.  So keep researching, continue applying, and get ready for the internship of a lifetime!


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