The Importance of Research

Research is the most important aspect of an internship, or at least the internship search. Research will help you find the internship  where you will thrive the most! To be honest, some internship descriptions may be deceiving; what you see is not always what you get. You could be enchanted by a big company name and then arrive on site only to find you are not at all doing what you expected, or you are simply performing grunt work tasks like being the company coffee runner.

It is essential to look for opportunities/organizations that provide a good fit for your talents, skills, and interests. Find out if companies will give you the opportunity to produce tangible work for your portfolio or reel.  Also, review company newscasts, client projects, programs, films and other works to ensure you’re knowledgeable of the company and how you can best contribute there.  This will give you a good start on your internship search.

Here are some sites you might find interesting:!&id=2044365


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